see sea life in glass

Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka created more than 10,000 sea creatures out of glass. These intricate sculptures crafted by the father-son team in their Dresden, Germany studio were then shipped worldwide to museums and universities as teaching models. Before the era of underwater photography, scuba diving excursions, and marine surveys these models showed the wonders of the sea to the world.

Oaten pipes hydroid (Tubularia indivisa) i

Oaten pipes hydroid (Tubularia indivisa) i

The Corning Museum of Glass is now displaying over five dozen of their glass wonders in the “Fragile Legacy” exhibition with the exhibit highlight being a darkened room set up like an aquarium, where these glass sea creatures seemingly floating in the blue. In another section  are sketches and watercolors, bottles of colored powders, tweezers, pliers, scoops and wire, along with a demonstration video that help demonstrate how the Blaschkas did their work.

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