see sea life in glass

Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka created more than 10,000 sea creatures out of glass. These intricate sculptures crafted by the father-son team in their Dresden, Germany studio were then shipped worldwide to museums and universities as teaching models. Before the era of underwater photography, scuba diving excursions, and marine surveys these models showed the wonders of the sea to the world. The Corning […]

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get a good laugh from this googly-eyed sea creature

Researchers aboard the research ship Nautilus combing the sea floor off the California coast last week came across a two prominent eyes in a bright purple body staring back at them some 3,000 feet below the surface. This cephalopod with “googly eyes,” as one of the observers put it soon had everyone on the ship laughing uncontrollably. The stubby squid (Rossia pacifica) looks like […]

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MACNA 2016 App

MACNA, the largest industry trade show and conference is fast approaching (September 9 – 11 in San Diego, CA). Get the most of your experience by downloading the MACNA 2016 App now to help keep track of speakers, workshops, events, last minute updates and plus connect and share with other attendees: Find it at the Apple Store – or search for MACNA […]

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