Lionfish Hunting Sharks

Local Honduran divers are working with park officials to give sharks a taste for these alien Lionfish species. With no natural predators, lionfish populations have exploded throughout the waters of the Caribbean and U.S. Southeast since their accidental introduction by aquarium hobbyists a decade ago. “At the beginning, the divers just killed lionfish and fed sharks with them to get […]

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Spread is Unprecedented

The USGS just released a report on the spread of Lionfishes along the eastern US seaboard, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico. The article outlines USGS survey studies which support the first documented case of a non-native marine fish establishing a self-sustaining population in the region. It appears that eradication is not possible but local efforts may be able to keep […]

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Costa Rica Protected Area Expanded

Costa Rica has announced the creation of a large new marine protected area (MPA) around Cocos Island National Park called the Seamounts Marine Management Area. It encompasses a group of deep seamounts located 35 miles south of Cocos, plus other important waters for shark and tuna nearby. The MPA came about from more than a year of discussions between the […]

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