breeze block helping to regenerate reefs

Caribbean coral reefs have suffered the effects of hurricanes, overfishing, El Niño events, pollution, invasive species, sea urchin die-off and mass tourism – some loosing over 90% of their coral cover. But in Grenada one project is using towers of concrete to create new “reefs” for marine life to colonize. more at

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Lionfish invasion comes to Mediterranean

Lionfish have managed to establish themselves in the ocean waters from Florida to South America and much of the Gulf of Mexico since they were released (accidentally or purposely) into these waters – far outside their native western Pacific range – and have become a dominate predator. The Mediterranean has seen an occasion lionfish spotting but not the like the fast spread […]

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Coral Triangle clownfish figured out how to share

Usually, several individual clownfish of the same species occupy a single anemone — a large and dominant female, an adult male, and several subordinates. But the who gets to live where competition between 28 species of clownfish and 10 species of anemone could get quite competitive. But in the Coral Triangle of Southeast Asia clownfish have figured out how to share and anemones are […]

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