Really, Tank Raised Tangs?

Sustainable Aquatics is a saltwater fish hatchery in Jefferson City, Tennessee, that provides captive-bred, tank-raised aquarium animals to the international marine aquarium trade. What makes them unique is the Company‚Äôs Sustainable Islands division and that they offer animals that are unheard of from a hatchery: Tank-raised Hippo Tangs, Yellow Tangs, various butterfly fishes, including Copperbands, and other pelagic spawners. The […]

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Captive Lookdowns

With their wafer-thin laterally-compressed body, mirror-like coloring, overall look of speed, and schooling habit, the Lookdown is a favorite of public aquarium displays. Now what started as a fun side project has grown into a captive breeding program for Proaquatix who is now offering them for home aquariums. Captive care is relatively easy they are large fish, growing to over […]

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