HI Battle Continues

Convict Surgeonfish School grazes a Hawaiian reef. Photo: Coral

As the new legislative session in Hawaii begins there are 5 new measures introduced that seek to ban outright or further regulate the marine aquarium trade in addition to at least seven aquarium-related bills re-introduced automatically from last year’s session (see post 2/2/2011). Collectively the resolutions claim “Hawaii’s indigenous and endemic aquatic species are being devastated by collection for aquarium […]

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PNG Shipping Resumes

EcoAquariums Papua New Guinea (PNG), Ltd. has taken up where the failed PNG SEASMART was unable to go and has begun successful exporting sustainably collected and “eco-labeled” reef fish. These are fish EcoAquarium purchases from one of their village-based fish collectors. Each fish is assigned a plastic label with a unique tracking number that stays with the fish from collection […]

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Florida Reef Restored

In 2002 a 35 foot boat plowed into a reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. A $56,671.27 negotiated settlement partially covered the costs for the restoration of the 376 square-feet of living coral he damaged. NOAA ended up reattaching 473 corals and then monitored the reef’s progress as it regained its health using photos and a specialized computer […]

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Fragmenting reefs beneficial

A team of scientists constructed 30 artificial coral reefs from tons of rock and gravel reefs over several weeks to find out whether it is possible to rescue a damaged coral reef from obliteration and restore its richness. They were trying to determine if increased habitat patchiness is actually a problem for coral reef fishes, or whether it is really […]

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