New or experienced, there’s always something new to learn about marine aquariums and reef keeping. From help with identification, resolving tank problems, proper feeding, choosing and propagating livestock, tank and reef set-up, maintenance and more we can help!

Getting Started

  • Reef Tank 101 – Common mistakes and basic equipment you need to get started.
  • Fragging 101 – What is fragging and the methods to use on various coral types and species.
  • Lighting 101 – Reef and marine tank light needs and the options you have to meet them.
  • Curing Live Rock – Two methods to getting live rock ready for use in your marine aquarium.
  • Aquascaping – How to create the best environment for your saltwater or reef tank inhabitants.
  • Best Beginner Corals – Start your tank out with coral choices that will give you the best chance for success.

Tank Management

  • Nitrogen and Your Reef Tank – The nitrogen cycle and why it’s important to understand and control in your reef or marine aquarium
  • Calcium, pH, and Alkalinity – This article covers Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium together as they influence each other and understanding the relationship will help you maintain a successful reef tank.
  • Salinity & Saltwater – The success of your reef tank or marine aquarium requires you know how to create and maintain its inhabitants salt water environment.
  • What Your Coral Needs – Knowing what your corals needs is necessary for you to successfully keep your reef tank thriving. This handy table makes it easy to see at a glance.
  • What’s a Clean Up Crew? – This group of tank residents can help you successfully keep your reef or marine tank free of algae, detritus, organic debris, and other pests.
  • About Refugium -What it is, what can it do, how it works, and is it something you would want as part of your reef or marine tank.
  • What Corals Eat – The feeding strategies corals use to meet their needs and how you hey play a part in keeping a reef tank or marine aquarium happy and health.

How To Guides