About Corals

This is where you can find articles and resources related to keeping corals in reef tanks and marine aquariums to help you become a more successful reef and marine tank owner:

Successful reef keeping requires keeping your inhabitants happy – but book knowledge is not the same as the actual experience. Walk before running by starting with some “easier” to keep corals that are going to be a bit more forgiving while you learn the ins and outs of maintaining a tank. The species listed are hardy, easy to care for, affordable, can survive most beginners’ mistakes and still provide an incredible amount of beauty.

To help maintain the best health and color of your corals, we have broken down their lighting, current flow, feeding needs, and rated their difficulty to maintain in a reef tank. The table format presents the information in an ‘at a glance’ format for commonly found corals in reef keeping and marine aquariums.

Understanding how and what your corals feed themselves will help you better meet their needs in your reef tank or marine aquarium. Corals are heterotrophs with a twist in that most have a symbiotic relationship with algae called zooxanthellae that makes their feeding strategies unique.

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