fragging 101

In general, the easier a coral is to keep, the easier it will be to reproduce. Mushrooms are starter coral a hobbyist can fairly easily get frags from. For Zooanthids, Pulsing Xenia, and other corals that tend to spread over the substrate, encouraging them to spread onto a new piece of substrate will create frags. Stony corals require cutting the growing tips or cutting the coral itself into smaller pieces and then mounting them to a substrate. Use the links below for sourcing instructions on propagating your corals! (and if you have an online tutorial to share, let us know so we can add it)

Fragging Mushroom Coralss

Fragging Ricordea Corals

Fragging Soft Corals

Fragging Zoanthid Corals

Fragging LPS Corals

Fragging SPS Corals


Reference Books

  • Book of Coral Propagation – Volume 1 Edition 2 by Anthony Calfo
  • Aquarium Corals by Eric Borneman