• coral_chart_sliderv2

    What Your Coral Needs

    This updated and simplified, easy to read ‘at a glance’ chart lists basic coral needs such as light, water flow, and food as well as aggressiveness and how easy or difficult they are to keep for commonly found corals in reef and marine aquariums. It can help both new and experienced reefkeepers and aquarists make better choices when selecting corals; help better meet the needs of your tank inhabitants, and make you more successful.

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  • Reefkeeping Magazines

    Reefkeeping Publications

    Magazines can keep you up to date on the latest trends in reef keeping and marine aquarium. From livestock to equipment, to the latest advances magazines, either print or online, […]

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  • Search for the LFS (Local Fish Store) near you

    Find Local Fish Stores

    The Local Fish Store (LFS) is a resource not all of us have easy access to, and even when you do, visiting other stores is fun and can lead to […]

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  • Reefkeeping Events List

    Find Swaps, Shows, & Events

    Whether you are looking to go to one of the big industry shows or you just want to find an area frag swap we can help! You will find all sizes and types of reef keeping, marine, aquarium, and related events – and if you put on a swap or show we are happy to add it!

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secrets of corals spawning

staghorn coral colony spawing

Teams of scientists dive beneath the waves to study one of the planet’s most prolific and mysterious rites of reproduction: corals spawning – a spectacular event occurring once a year after the full moon. “While scientists have learned a lot since discovering the rite decades ago, much remains unknown, especially about the exact mix of environmental factors that trigger the synchronized […]

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celebrate national oceans month

NOAA's #30daysofOcean

The month of June is dedicated to spreading awareness of Earth’s oceans and coastal ecosystems. About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is ocean and while there is only one global ocean that is geographically divided into distinct named regions. NOAA is promoting awareness of all oceans on their site with #30daysofOcean…what do you know about our oceans?

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Tank Monitoring

Reef Tank

Monitoring and keeping track of your aquarium’s parameters, equipment, livestock, and maintenance is paramount to keeping a successful reef (or any type) tank. But how do you keep track it all? You can of course keep a log book but if you are considering bringing your tank documentation and monitoring into the 21st century, we’ve compiled a list of free […]

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