DIY Food Recipe

Feeding your corals is a bit of a double edged sword – you try to mimic the available foods in their natural environment but you are working in a closed system and trying to match the natural levels can bring quick disaster. But a well chosen food mix can provide the nutrients and elements in particle sizes that stay suspended thus making them more available to your corals and other tank residents. Making your own food is becoming a more common practice and there are an increasing number of recipes out there – here’s mine:

  • 6-8 whole shrimp, shells removed and heads squeezed
  • ~8 oz of mussels, scrapped from shells
  • ~ 8 oz fresh clams, with liquor, no shells
  • ~ 4 oz fresh oysters
  • 1 fresh squid, quill and ink sac removed if not already
  • 4 oz fish roe or sushi roe (make sure it’s not seasoned)
  • pkg frozen sea urchin cubes, thawed
  • pkg  brine shrimp eggs or decapsulated Artemia
  • ~6 oz mix of red, green, and brown dried seaweed (nori) sheets, finely ground or reconstituted.
  • 2 oz frozen spinach, thawed and liquified
  • 1-2 T liquid phytoplankton
  • 2 T powdered spirulina
  • 2 T marine flake food
  • 2 T of tiny pellet food (New Life/ Spectrum, ORAglo, or similar)
  • 1 tsp garlic supplement (Garlic Guard, Garlic Boost, or similar)
  • 1-2 T of a liquid vitamin / amino acid supplement (Selco, Kent Marine Zoe, or similar)

Blend up the coarse meaty ingredients in a food processor. Crush dry ingredients into a powder (using a mortar and pestle) and then add liquid items. Take this mix and mix into processed meaty items. Put into Ziploc bags, pressed into uniform thin layers and freeze flat. These should keep for up to six months if kept frozen in a cold freezer.

The nice thing about a recipe like this is – it is totally customizable. If the fishmonger doesn’t have squid today? Try an octopus. Use what is available. Just remember to buy FRESH items only. Precooked anything could have been seasoned already. You can pick up nori from your local sushi house. And, this is a great way to move all of those samples of fish food you picked up at the last few frag swaps. Just throw them into the stew!

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