bleaching behavior captured in video

see coral bleaching as it happens

For the first time scientists have captured the behavior of a coral as it is undergoing a bleaching event.  Using a combination of microscope, digital camera and smart tablet to record detailed time-lapse videos of a Heliofungia coral’s physical reaction to heat stress they discovered evidence that it employs pulsed inflation. While scientists have known coral bleaching happens when the relationship between the […]

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creating super corals

Ruth Gates of the Hawai’i Institute of Biology is working on breeding “super corals” that can withstand the warming that oceans are already experiencing while another Australian group is creating “mutt” corals from different robust species to gain the same result. And they are doing it by taking an approach similar to land-based genetic tinkering that has been going on […]

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Corals Hold History

New research is suggesting that the extreme rain events and subsequent flooding across northern Australia may become more prevalent. The study analyzed growth patterns in near-shore corals to determine which summers had more rain than others, creating a centuries-long rainfall record for northern Australia. The coral samples, dating from 1639 to 1981, appear to indicate that the summer of 1973–1974 […]

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