new zoantharian species

An unusual new solitary species of zoantharian was discovered while conducting SCUBA surveys around the southern Japanese island of Okinawa. These new polyps were found buried almost completely in the soft sediment of the seafloor with only their oral disks and tentacles protruding above the surface. Most known zoantharians are colonial but these newly discovered polyps are not only solitary but they also lack zooxanthellae. Up to now […]

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new discoveries from the deep

The Tara Expeditions collected 35,000 samples over 3 years from the deep oceans in one of the largest studies of the ocean. The samples uncovered what they believe are never before seen bacteria, viruses, and single-celled organisms. The study, published in the journal Science, has captured amazing images of these “invisible” creatures that includes some stunning coral images. More at […]

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