Mixing Saltwater

Clean, pure saltwater is crucial to everything in your marine aquarium. Many problems are avoided by starting out with the correct type of water you use to make your salt water and by and properly mixing saltwater. The water from your tap contains much more than water; what it contains varies with its source. Well water contains naturally dissolved minerals, […]

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best beginner corals

  Now that you have arrived at the point where you can begin populating your tank with all those eye catching corals but which ones? Successful reef keeping requires keeping your inhabitants happy – but book knowledge is not the same as the actual experience… Do yourself a favor and start out with some “easier” to keep corals that are […]

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Coral Triangle clownfish figured out how to share

Usually, several individual clownfish of the same species occupy a single anemone — a large and dominant female, an adult male, and several subordinates. But the who gets to live where competition between 28 species of clownfish and 10 species of anemone could get quite competitive. But in the Coral Triangle of Southeast Asia clownfish have figured out how to share and anemones are […]

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