Just what is Aquascaping? It is arranging substrate materials like your live rock to create a natural environment for your reef or saltwater tank inhabitants. Why do I need to know about this? To give your tank inhabitant a supportive environment…to create a pleasing view for you…to make maintenance of your tank as easy as possible… and lots of other reasons […]

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Conversion Help

Want to know how many gallons a particular tank is based on its dimensions? What is the conversion between Fahrenheit and Celsius? Need to quickly convert carbonate dKH to parts per million? How many drops are in a ml? How about help with reef tank chemistry calculator to to help you get those parameters under control. Our Conversion Links Page is […]

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Mixing Saltwater

Clean, pure saltwater is crucial to everything in your marine aquarium. Many problems are avoided by starting out with the correct type of water you use to make your salt water and by and properly mixing saltwater. The water from your tap contains much more than water; what it contains varies with its source. Well water contains naturally dissolved minerals, […]

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