bleaching behavior captured in video

see coral bleaching as it happens

For the first time scientists have captured the behavior of a coral as it is undergoing a bleaching event.  Using a combination of microscope, digital camera and smart tablet to record detailed time-lapse videos of a Heliofungia coral’s physical reaction to heat stress they discovered evidence that it employs pulsed inflation. While scientists have known coral bleaching happens when the relationship between the […]

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Turtle + GoPro + GBR

Researchers from WWF put a GoPro on a green turtle they then released on the Great Barrier Reef. Marine turtles here are endangered with hundreds washing ashore either dead or dying over the last four years. This WWF-Australia’s project is trying to determine how natural or human pollution impacts their behavior. from

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get up close to a Goblin Shark

When a rare goblin shark was caught off the coast of Australia earlier this year it was delivered to the Australian Museum, where their Ichthyology Collection Manager Mark McGrouther was able to examine the specimen. This was only the fourth goblin shark to be acquired by the museum and McGrouther was so excited about it, he decided to film his […]

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